Save The Sparrow – A Unique Environment concept by Jeeya Desai

Save The Sparrow – A Unique Environment concept by Jeeya Desai

February 6, 2020 Off By Rajesh Kumar

Surat : The National Book Fair and Horticulture Exhibition organized by Surat Municipal Corporation had arranged different competitions, in which, students from different schools of the city had participated and they also participated in Flower Arrangements and Making of Book Competition as well.

During the event many students displayed their creative and imaginative selves at its best. One student of class eight, of J. H. Ambani School, Ms. Jeeya Desai, lead the activity of Environmental Protection.

This student had prepared a bouquet of flowers within which she had accommodated A Sparrow’s Nest. About this unique bouquet, she had to say “that, usually, when we meet people, we exchange or gift bouquets of flower, but, ironically, these flowers dry out and fall, and go to waste. However, if we include A Sparrow’s Nest in it, later on we can keep it at the window or balcony of our homes, to provide an abode for Sparrows.

It is to be noted, that sparrows are vanishing at a rapid pace from our cities, in this scenario, if we adopt the above idea or find other ideas, which will stop the migration of our neighbourhood friendly bird, the sparrow and could also protect the environment in different ways. We see the glimpses of “Clean India – Green India” Campaign, in the activity of a young student of J. H. Ambani School, in it, it was also mentioned, “By The Blessing Of Nature”, which was noted and well kept by all in the exhibition.