Surti girl Nitya Dalmia launched her first novel “Stuck Up”

Surti girl Nitya Dalmia launched her first novel “Stuck Up”

March 7, 2020 Off By Rajesh Kumar

Surat : Surti girl Nitya Dalmia’s first novel “Stuck Up” is set in the beautiful hills of Mussorrie where she studied. Inspired by her struggles as well as her adventures with her friends in school, Stuck Up is a part of a sequel. The characters in the book too are inspired by her friends at school. “To spice things up, I added some romance my novel. In fact, I have always loved romance as a genre,” says 14-year-old Nitya.

Nitya who has always enjoyed writing short stories and essays had a long-time dream of pursuing a career in writing.

Having studied in Woodstock School, Mussoorie for three years, she recently moved back to Surat to live with her parents. “I would like to thank my parents who have supported me every step of the way and taught me to be strong and hold on to my hopes and dreams even in the darkest of times. I wish to thank Abhishek James Chandran for taking my work to the next level and editing one of the most amazing chapters of my life. Special thanks to Sehar Windlass, my best friend who stood by me through thick and thin, and also the one who inspired one of the main characters in the book. Thanks to Reyansh Garg, Anamika Seth, Gazal Valvani, Eeshan Chugh, Nakshatra Bajaj, Gursimar Singh Kumar, Adhiraj Kapoor, Ansh Garodia, Yashvarya Goyal, Noor Caroline John, Sumaira Chopra, Amaan Singh Bubber, and everyone else who has inspired my novel. Lastly, I would like to thank Leadstart Publishing, for making my one dream come true and Sanjhee Gyanchandani, who has edited my work and made it the best it could be,” says Nitya.

Stuck Up is a book about Riya, the protagonist and her love interest Raynak. They met in school and later discovered their feelings for each other. Like any other teenagers, they had no clue about what they wanted to do. Overcoming many hurdles they finally started dating unaware of the consequences they might have to face later. A busy worker, Raynak could not spare time for Riya which caused more problems in their relationship. Riya who had always just wanted love and respect from her boyfriend puts all her effort into getting Raynak’s attention. The book explore various nuances of the relationship between Riya and Raynak.