Painting Bazaar- a tribute to the beautiful artworks of the society

Painting Bazaar- a tribute to the beautiful artworks of the society

November 24, 2020 Off By Rajesh Kumar

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India] : Little had Manish Buradkar known how much success he would taste with Painting Bazaar. His dream materialized when the Manushyabal Vikas Lokseva Academy in Mumbai awarded him with the State Level Ideal Business Entrepreneurship Award, in 2020. Many times, people want a secure job for their children. The family of Manish Buradkar was no exception. Sudhakar Buradkar, one of the most reputed sculptors, hails from Wani in Yavatmal district.His son, Manish Buradkar had completed Civil Engineering from Pune University. Yet, he was reluctant to take up an engineering job. Instead, he wanted to do business. This decision was disheartening for the family because their financial condition was not good. In spite of being aware of the tremendous uncertainty of business, he decided to take the plunge.

Manish had plans for starting an online business but he faced several difficulties while setting it up in a relatively new city like Pune. Still, he was determined to fight all adversities. With this zeal, he started a business of selling Ganapati idols online. Later on, he ventured to accept orders of other decorative items. The understanding of art and its different forms was ingrained in him, thanks to his brother and father. Both of them are reputed sculptors. Such how Painting Bazaar came into existence. Today, it offers a large collection of paintings, murals, handicrafts, frames, portraits and sketches at the best price. The online
platform also helps amateur artists show off their talent. It also stocks works of art by internationally acclaimed artists. Connoisseurs of art have claimed that Painting Bazaar is a one-stop solution for people who want to buy genuine pieces of art from the comfort of their home.

Manish understood that people who appreciate the beauty of art are not restricted to affluent families. As a result, he ensured that Painting Bazaar exhibits the artwork of different prices. It motivates aspiring artists by displaying their artwork on this platform. Since the founder comes from a family of sculptors and has struggled a lot in his life, he understands the value of motivation. He has an informative and dedicated blog about art on the website of Painting Bazaar. It also features calendars for workshops. Eminent artists conduct the workshops, where both children and aspiring artists learn hands-on tips and tricks. The website has emerged as a kaleidoscope of different styles and forms of art. Watercolour, pastel colour, sketches and glass painting are given equal importance here. Manish wants his appreciation of art to spread among the masses.

In the year 2019, Manish was honoured with the Cotton City Youth Icon Award in Mumbai. He ensured that the customer care of Painting Bazaar was available to help customers at every point 24 x 7. He strove to incorporate customer reviews in his website. It was a struggle for him to make Painting Bazaar a one-stop solution for people who wanted to decorate their homes and offices with original works of art. The paintings are delivered the next day, once someone orders them. Genuine pieces of artwork are his hallmark. It offers the best price
throughout the year. Several deals are available all the time. People may get up to thirty percent off on their purchase if they pre-order a work of art. His mission is to spread an understanding of art among the masses. He organizes several art competitions across the country. People need to check the website of Painting Bazaar for information about the competitions. People are free to call the customer care or send an email in case they have any query or concern.
Manish believes art is all about being transparent. As a result, none of the products in Painting Bazaar have any hidden charges. The customers only need to pay what they see in the order summary. This payment procedure for this website has been kept simple. The customers are free to contact customer care if they face any issues with their billing. It accepts the following modes of payment-

● Credit card
● Debit card
● Net banking

Manish always believed art is a way of life. So, he aims to spread his love for art among people. His website contains all the relevant information about all his upcoming events related to art.

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