Angela Rebello takes the mic at the First FLYX Filmfare OTT Awards

Angela Rebello takes the mic at the First FLYX Filmfare OTT Awards

December 24, 2020 Off By Rajesh Kumar

Up-close and Personal With The OTT Stars

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India] : A befitting end to the much unpredictable 2020 was the first ever Filmfare OTT Awards recognising those that kept us sane, entertained and going through this year.

Recognising the growing popularity of the OTT space and celebrating the biggest stars of the small screen, metaphorically the screen came on stage with the onground event showing us the hope at the light of the tunnel.

Welcoming the guests to this onground show at the social distanced red carpet was the charming Angela Rebello. Striking conversations, discussing roles and characters, and going beyond the role of a host. She made the back to event experience a treat for everyone watching and walking.

The OTT platforms in India not only brings the international shows to the screen but original Indian Content that has made the year successful and some of the finest actors and creators walked the red carpet giving us snippets into their roles and their lives on OTT.

Angela, with a natural knack to hold conversations and communicate brought some of the most candid moments of the show to light. The ease of talking and value adding could be seen during her conversation with Nawazzudin Siddique, Jaideep Ahlawat, Manoj Bajpai, Rajkummar Rao, Prateek Gandhi to name a few.

The red carpet was where some of the most sassiest secrets were spilled, some hilarious moments were shared and some wonderful insights into coexisting and growing were discussed. Topping the charts of recommendations and praises flowing on the carpet were the International; Queen’s Gambit and Crown, and the much celebrated Indian; Paatal Lok, Scam 1992, Family Man & Mirzapur and many more.

Speaking on this experience Angela said, “It felt so good to be inching close to the new normal, with the first red carpet for Filmfare OTT and having a conversation as candid and normal as this one. Apart from the wonderful conversations I have had as a host, I have such amazing take backs from each person I have met on this red carpet.”

Continuing her 4 years association with Filmfare, Humbled and amazed, Angela’s hosting experience got her a step closer to understanding the person behind the name and face and their experience in this new world. Her understanding of the platform paired with her relentless work in this space made this red carpet a huge success and brough the stars up close and personal for all of us at the comfort of our homes.

The OTT Experience has changed so much for us, so much of the viewing experience and the first Filmfare recognizing this made us understand the complications of the simplicity that we see, the village that it takes to raise a series and moments of pure joy while celebrating something built with painstaking efforts.

Waiting to get back to the new normal quicker, Angela and all of us will continue loving OTT while dreaming of a bigger stage and a bigger platform to experience and cherish. Also, which has been your 2020 OTT Pick?