Meet the new experts of ‘non-surgical’ hair transplant – AlkaVerma and her salon – Infiniti Hair Club

Meet the new experts of ‘non-surgical’ hair transplant – AlkaVerma and her salon – Infiniti Hair Club

December 28, 2020 Off By Rajesh Kumar

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India] : Is your hair thinning shaking your confidence?Is the thought “Why don’t I have normal hair density like others?” “Why don’t I have hair like the way I used to 10 years back?” playing in your mind? Then you should consider getting a non-surgical hair transplant with ‘Infiniti hair club’. Infiniti Hair Club has been providing hair solutions for both men & women. Their expert team & state-of-the-art technology helps in achieving an undetectable look.  A detailed one-on-one consultation will help and guide you to make a more informed decision. So, first things first, we need to understand what a non-surgical hair transplantis?

A hair replacement or a non-surgical hair transplant is a technique of attaching a hair replacement system to the scalp. This hair system is made of 100% natural human hair and is customized to precisely match the density and colour of your hair. This hair system is then attached on your head and blended into your existing hair after a haircut. The entire process takes about 3-4 hours and it will get you looking young and fabulous as ever.

What makes this technique the most unique & beneficial, is its ease and comfort. Besides that, the treatment is more preferable as it provides immediate results. It is tailor-made to match your hair density, so there is no question of poking needles onto your scalp. It also needs no medications, no blood-shed, it’s pocket friendly and has no side effects.

The Lifespan of the Hair Systems:

Since each system is made using only natural human hair, their lifespan is about 6-12 months. Although this could vary according to the kind of system and the way you maintain it. Timely servicing plays a crucial role in increasing its longevity. A well-maintained system tends to last for a longer duration. Maintenance interval depends on a lot of factors namely: the type of hair system, your skin type, and the climatic conditions.The average time to service them is once in every 15 to 30 days.

Even if you’re not a local resident, or have any travel plans, or cannot come in for a service, we have still got you covered. The specially designed ‘service kit’ kit includes all the necessary products that are required to service & maintain your hair system, that too at your own time and convenience. An experienced technician is assigned to train you when you avail the kit. We aim to make sure that our customers enjoy wearing their hair system no matter where they are. The best feature of this system is that it does not alter your lifestyle.  You can continue to do every kind of activity and enjoy your hair without the slightest worry. You can run on a treadmill, play your favourite sports, or even go for a swim. You can even go paragliding, scuba diving, you name it! All with the utmost ease.

Is This Hair System Another Type of Wig?

Absolutely not! A wig is easily noticeable, while a hair system perfectly blends with your hair. It is also customized to match the texture of your hair and looks undeniably like your own hair.

What Would Something Like This Cost?

Our replacement system is the most cost-efficient option out there. They are relatively much more affordable than any kind of surgical treatment while also providing seamless, easy, and comfortable results.

What Does the CEO of Infiniti Hair Club Have to Say?

AlkaVerma says, “In today’s fast-moving world, we have individuals as young as 15 years come to us for hair loss issues. While on one hand, I feel really sad that they have to face such trauma, sometimes at a really early age in life, but on the other hand, I look at the bright side and feel grateful that with our hair replacement systems I can replace their trauma with confidence and happiness. Hair loss happens for many reasons; the majority of the cases are related to stress, diet, hereditary, and a lot of other reasons. Whatever the reason may be, the solution is simple. Yes, you guessed it right. It’s our ‘hair replacement systems”, she adds, “Come in with no hair and walk out with a head full of hair, in a matter of a few hours.” For more information and booking consultation, visit