Atal Gaurav Ratna Award 2021 was successfully conducted in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh by Atal Bharat Sports & Cultural Association

Atal Gaurav Ratna Award 2021 was successfully conducted in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh by Atal Bharat Sports & Cultural Association

December 28, 2021 Off By Rajesh Kumar

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) [India], December 28: Prestigious Atal Gaurav Ratna Award event was successfully concluded on 27th of December 2021 at the Ravindra Bhavan, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh in remembrance & respect to Bharat Ratna & Ex. Prime Minister of India Shri. Atal Bihari Vajpayjee. This award ceremony was conducted by the Atal Bharat Sports & Cultural Association in collaboration with Vishwa Brahman Samaj Sangh and was endorsed by various esteemed International and National organisations such as Central Christian University- Malawi, International Society of Diplomats-Canada, Special Olympic Bharat, UP Olympic Association, Maharishi Vagbhata Ayurveda Yoga Shaikshik Sansthan, International Council of Pre-School Education, Cultural Council-Govt. Of Madhya Pradesh & Disabilities Department- Govt. of Madhya Pradesh.

This event was attended by Honarable Speaker Vidhan Sabha of Madhya Pradesh Shri. Girish Gautam, Cabinet Minister (M.P.) Shri Akhilesh waranandgiri Maharaj, Cabinet Minister (M.P.) Shri. Raghuraj Kansana, State Minister Shri. Jaswant Jadhav, Commissioner of Disabilities (Govt. of M.P) Shri. Sandeep Rajak, Director of Minister of Culture (Govt. of M.P.) Shri. Vikas Dave, AISP-SPIA Indian Delegation President Shri. Pradeep Kumar Sharma & AISP-SPIA Indian Delegation Vice-President Ram Narayan Saini, Former State Minister Shri. Yogendra Mahant and various top dignitaries from Govt. of Madhya Pradesh& various esteemed organisations.

In this event special convocation was conducted wherein Honorary PhD was granted to Shri.Prakash Parmar in the subject of Business Management by Central Christian University-Malawi. On behalf of CCU, convocation was conducted by Prof. Dr. Dinesh Sabnis, who is appointed Goodwill Ambassador & International Academic Officer of Central Christian University-Malawi.

Atal GuaravRatna Awards were conducted for 3 categories:

Life Time Achievement Award,

Atal Senior Award,

Atal Youth Award

Awardees List of Atal Gaurav Ratna Award 2021:

Atal Gaurav Lifetime Acheivement Award:

Sr.No. Name of Candidate Category
01 Balwinder Singh Sandhu Sports-Cricket
02 RizwanSajan Entrepreneur
03 PitambarParmar Entrepreneur
04 Dr.Keshav Pandey Sr. Journalist
05 Amarjeet Singh Chawla Para Sports

Atal Gaurav Senior Category:

Sr.No. Name of Candidate Category
01 Wasim Jaffer Sports-Cricket
02 Sonia Bobal Entrepreneur- Beautician
03 Paras Mambhray Sports-Cricket
04 AdvYatinYeole Law
05 Dr.SamirBachal Medical Science
06 Sujata Sharma Fashion Designing
07 Ashish Kumar Social Work
08 PushpaDwivedi Social Work
09 MamtaKaurav Health
10 Ganesh Shinde Medical
11 Satish Kelkar Corona Warrior
12 Dr.AshokaPathare Medical
13 R. S. Chauhan Health
14 Mahesh Jadatkar Health
15 AakaramShinde Army Veteran
16 Akram Khan Army Veteran
17 Sneha Dubey Sports
18 Ashok Kumar Prasad Sports
19 ChandrashekharTapi Happiness Coach

Atal Gaurav Youth Category:

Sr.No. Name of Candidate Category
01 AishwaryWalunj Sports
02 Shlok Sham Kathe Sports
03 AkhileshJatkar Sports
04 ParthJadhav Sports
05 ArchitMankar Sports
06 Jeet Thakur Sports
07 Shraddha Sonkar Sports
08 SaliptaRaut Sports (Special)
09 TusharTanay Swain Sports (Special)
10 ArpitaParida Sports (Special)
11 Sumant Kale Sports (Special)
12 Misty Amle Sports (Special)

Special thanks to the committee members of Atal Bharat Sports & Cultural Association Founder CEO Mr. Dileep Chand Yadav, Chairman Mr. Dipankar Banerjee, Executive Chairman Prof. Dr. Dinesh Sabnis (also holding Honorary positions of Chief and Ambassador of CSLI India & CEO Secretary-General AISP SPIA Indian Delegation), Sr. VP Atal National Committee Mr. Rakesh Poduval, VP Mr. Jamal Ashraf, General Secretary Ms. Kavita Yadav, Chief Secretary Mr. Navneet Tiwari, Secretary Mr. Nitin Pandit and Executive Member Ms. Madhu Singh & Ms. Sangeeta Koli for their contribution in the success of this event and our Media Partners Primex Media Service Pvt. Ltd. and Vidhya Post.