Sheetal Shaparia, the Leading Color Reader, Is Changing Fortunes of Many with Her Art

Sheetal Shaparia, the Leading Color Reader, Is Changing Fortunes of Many with Her Art

March 22, 2022 Off By Rajesh Kumar

Mumbai, March 22: Every person on this Earth wants to live a happy, peaceful, and prosperous life, but not everyone is fortunate enough to fulfil his wish. Most unhappy people accept the reality of their lives by blaming their destiny, but the fact is that a lot can be changed and rectified by getting proper guidance.

Colors have a great effect on not just our moods but also our lives, and by knowing and using the colors which will enhance chances of changing our fortunes, we can transform our lives completely.

However, one thing that we need to ensure is choosing the right person for mentoring and guiding and Sheetal Shaparia, the Mumbai-based astrologer, spiritual healer & life coach, is one of the most known names in the field of color reading or color therapy. If you simply want to test the effect of colors on your mood and mind, just notice the color schemes used by successful companies. You will see that they have their walls painted with bright and vibrant colors because they infuse cheerfulness, liveliness and happiness in their employees, which result in better productivity and efficiency.

Color therapy is an ancient art as its first use was recorded around 2500 years ago in Egypt; however, it is gaining prominence nowadays, especially because of the fact that we are getting more and more aware and enlightened about the important aspects of those things which surround us even in our routine life. It is being said that colors have special electromagnetic rays which are equipped with special healing properties, and if these properties of colors are used in a correct manner, they can give great results. The color reading is widely used at the present time, and it is considered the best, especially for those who are suffering from a seasonal affective disorder.

When clients come to Sheetal Shaparia with their problems, first of all, she makes them understand the importance of colors in their lives, and then she suggests them some remedies such as wearing clothes of specific colors as per the day. She also tells them to consume fruits and vegetables of particular pigment in order to heal their inner self and make them aware of their potential. In addition, she advises her clients to decorate their houses with particular color schemes, resulting in filling their homes with happiness, prosperity, and wealth.

Sheetal Shaparia is one of the leading astrologers of the country, and what makes her the most sought after astrologer is her expertise in various other modalities such as – Tarot Card Reading, Crystal Reading, Vastu Shastra, Candle Therapy, IChing, Runes, Coffee Cup Reading, Tea Cup Reading, Numerology, Dream Interpretation, Drawing Analysis, Feng Shui and Wine/Beer Glass Reading.

Sheetal Shaparia is also pretty active on her social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., and has received many awards and recognitions, including the Women Iconza Award 2022, which was given to her recently by Times Applaud and Namaste Bahrain.

Color Therapy can transform your life for the better, so don’t delay meeting Sheetal Shaparia. Website: