Spreading Joy & Happiness through Colours- Meet Artist Swati Pasari

Spreading Joy & Happiness through Colours- Meet Artist Swati Pasari

April 9, 2022 Off By Rajesh Kumar

April 9: Young, talented and extremely positive, Artist Swati Pasari who hails from a business-family, found her true calling in Art. Being a Pranic Healer herself, she believes in exploring her spiritual sides and tries to establish her bond with the Omnipresent through her art. If you ask her, the primary objective of her paintings, she will immediately respond by saying ‘to spread happiness around’.

It is to fulfil this objective she began her journey as the youngest trustee at hospital in Varanasi. She used to visit Kashi Vishwanath temple in Varanasi twice along with her grandfather and it was during these trips she was introduced to this side of the world. It was the suffering which she saw around in the hospital that encouraged her to continue her philanthropic work. Her grandfather has been the biggest support and influence in her life, and it was because of him she found her inclination towards philanthropy.

As a spiritual person, she believes in giving back to the society as a token of thankfulness to the almighty, for everything she has been blessed with in her life. Even when she is not in Varanasi, she actively participates in Charitable Art Exhibitions and fund raisers, to ensure happiness and positivity around her.

Spirituality is something that has always kept her inspired. Even though she claims that she is not a religious person, but spirituality is what keeps her inspired. Through her art she tries to spread positivity and joy and that is the purpose of her life and her art.

“My themes are mostly about my spiritual pursuits to connect with the Almighty who connects us all in a single thread. My artworks are all about spreading happiness and positivity. I do not believe in sticking to any religion, but my artworks are all spiritual in nature.” says, artist Swati Pasari.

Always inclined towards art since childhood, she answered her calling by choosing to be an artist rather than a businesswoman.

For her, life is an inspiration and she believes that what we receive in life as a blessing from the almighty must be shared with people around us.

She tries to do that through my art. Being a Pranic Healer, she believes in spreading positive vibes around her and tries her best to heal people around her through her art.

“For me life is an inspiration and I believe that what we receive in life as a blessing from the almighty must be shared with people around us. I try to do that through my art.”

To give back to the society positivity, happiness through her art is her only goal. Not only does she paint to heal the world, but she also tries to spend a part of my proceeds for the betterment of the society.

She plans to see herself as one of the leading women artists and most importantly she wants to be the source of joy and positivity in the world and for that, she considers her paintbrush to be her magic wand to bring about the change, she has always wanted to see in this world.