Muldooneys Paris’ French luxury handbags inspired by Indian Warrior Goddess Meenakshi; Now Powered by NFT Technology

Muldooneys Paris’ French luxury handbags inspired by Indian Warrior Goddess Meenakshi; Now Powered by NFT Technology

July 12, 2022 Off By Rajesh Kumar

Mumbai: Muldooneys’ ultra-luxury handbags and leather goods are making a comeback after a hiatus of about ten years. The ‘Made-in-France’ bags are inspired by the incredible story of Warrior Goddess Meenakshi, from the ancient city of Madurai in Tamil Nadu, India. The design of every series is inspired by history and legend. The product story is inspired by Meenakshi, the Warrior Goddess from the ancient land of Madurai in Tamil Nadu, South India, and a destined cosmic love story. Muldooneys Paris, launched in June 2022, has all the sophisticated signature stamps of elegance, rarity, intelligence and futurism of its founder-designer, Marlene P. Naicker, who first launched the brand in 2005.

The front panels of the Meenakshi potli bags are decorated with a total of two hundred hand-embroidered flowers and nearly four thousand Swarovski crystal gemstones. The precious sun and moon elements have been crafted using the centuries-old “technique de bijouterie: la Fonte a cire perdue,” which is traditionally used for precision jewellery making.

For the first time in the world of luxe fashion, a unique hologram key is embedded in the physical bag, which can be activated only when paired with its digital NFT twin minted for the 600 limited edition designs. Thus, the consumer will remain connected with their Parisian atelier in real-time – whilst the bags are made to order.

The bag’s shape takes inspiration from the traditional Indian “potli bags” and will have colour variants. The colour inspiration of Indian pink, paparadscha, ruby and fuchsia is taken from the many jewels the Nayaka Dynasty is said to have had in their treasury and the vibrant flowers of Madurai (carnations, marigolds, jasmine and roses).

The stories of contrary dynamics of courage and femininity, truth and bravery, resilience and celebratory triumph of the heroines from historical folklore, emanating from Naicker’s ancestral heritage, form the basis of each product story of the Meenakshi limited edition.

Naicker, who has blended the traditional forms of French savoir-fair craftsmanship with the beauty of blockchain, the strength of smart pockets, the newness of NFTs, tenacity of time-capsuling and inspiration of innovation into clearly defined nuptial bonds, believes in pushing the boundaries of innovation to create a transformed biosphere of resplendent fashion and design.

Muldooneys pledges to give a part of the royalties from the trademark of Muldooneys towards the restoration and preservation of the great cosmic centre for ancient arts and culture at the Meenakshi Amman Temple and Thirumalai Nayaka Mahal.

“The ever-changing world of luxury consumers demands that we weave a connection of safety, truth, rarity and elegance. We, at Muldooneys, are raising the bar and doing away with age-old conventions. Our customer is at the heart and soul of our avant-garde supply chain, and we are responsibly providing her with real-time private access during every step of the French craftmanship design she buys. This is our way of telling her: We value you, and we cherish our association.”, says Marlene P. Naicker

Muldooneys was founded in 2005 by Marlene PathmavathieNaicker. After a hiatus, the luxury leather goods brand is reviving using innovative technology in its supply chain and the metaverse to connect with its customers. It is headed by its CEO and Founder, Marlene P. Naicker, and Chief Technology Officer and Managing Partner, Tim Hilgenstoehler.