“Tum Ho Toh” Music Video, Directed By Sadhu Kabra, Launched On His Birthday

“Tum Ho Toh” Music Video, Directed By Sadhu Kabra, Launched On His Birthday

December 3, 2022 Off By Rajesh Kumar

December 03: ‘Tum Ho Toh” is a song sung by Piyush Ghadse and directed by Sadhu Kabra, starring Sadhu Kabra and Sima Sharma. The song was released on 1st December 2022, on Sadhu Kabra’s birthday. The music video was shot in some of the beautiful locations of Uttrakhand. It has a very emotional storyline that will steal the hearts of many people. It portrays the story of two hearts that remains incomplete for some reason. The audience will be able to relate to the song. Sadhu Kabra is a multitalented person. He not only starred, produced, and directed the song but is the brain behind the storyline and the editor as well. He is also responsible for gathering a fantastic team. The people he worked with have nothing but good things to say about him which showcases his dedication and integrity.

Abhi Baba (DOP) says that he was approached by Sadhu Kabra for this music video project and is grateful to be a part of such a wonderful experience. He further states, “I’m from Haridwar, Uttrakhand and do pre-wedding shoots and cinematography. The moment I heard the song, I was very excited to be a part of this creative project with Sadhu Kabra. Sadhu Kabra is a very responsible person. The way he explained the entire sequence got me hooked. Also, there were no extras that would waste anyone’s time. He would organize these small meetings where he explained his ideas or anything he had in his mind concerning the music video with his teammates which made him a great director and producer. This experience will forever be a part of me.”

The Associate Director of the song, Azam Khan shares his experience of working with Sadhu Kabra, “When Sadhu came to me with this project where he was going to act and direct, I knew this was going to be a crazy experience. It was amazing how attuned he was with the entire making process. He would guide me through the process while he was in front of the screen. He never needed to come and take a look at the camera. He always knew when the shot was okay and when he needed a retake. The confidence he had without makeup to go in front of the camera was commendable.” Furthermore, he added that he would love to work on many more projects with Sadhu Kabra in the future and that, more than a professional bond, he sees him as his elder brother.

Co-star, Sima Sharma’s experience with Sadhu Kabra has been nothing short of amazing. “I remember when he approached me with the idea of casting me as a female lead for the ‘Tum Ho Toh’ music video. It was while we were having dinner after the packup of another project directed by Sadhu Kabra. He played the song for me, and I was instantly hooked. Once we finished with the other project, we started planning and working on this. More than a great director, he is one of the best co-stars I have ever had. He always took care of me. He made sure that I was well-fed before we started the shoot each day. He is a genuine and gentle soul. I’m happy to have worked with him. I hope that the audience will also love the music video as much I did while working on it.”

Sadhu says, “I have been wanting to work on this project for two years, but the time was never right. It got delayed due to so many reasons. However, I’m glad that it is finally here. I have given my hundred per cent to this, and I hope that people will love and support it with all their heart.”

Full Song Link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71ouxj4c01w