Foro, A One-Stop Destination for Affordable, High-Quality & Trendy Jewellery

Foro, A One-Stop Destination for Affordable, High-Quality & Trendy Jewellery

January 4, 2023 Off By Rajesh Kumar

New Delhi (India), January 4: It is no secret that Indians have a long-standing affinity for gold and diamond jewellery. Yet, as fashion continues to evolve, more and more people are embracing modern minimalist pieces. Despite the plethora of options, customers are usually at a loss when trying to locate reasonably priced yet trend forward jewellery for everyday wear.

Then there’s Foro, a renowned direct-to-consumer (D2C) luxury jewellery brand headquartered in Mumbai, India, that is the go-to destination for those seeking beautiful and timeless jewellery. With more than a decade of experience, its digitally savvy clientele appreciates its exquisite selection of pieces at an affordable price point that offer an elegant blend of classic and on-trend styles.

Smita Revankar and Vincy Mathew, illustrious designers and masterful architects established the company in 2019, collaborating with Roshan Revankar, an accomplished jewellery specialist and gemologist. They discerned a longing in the modern Indian fine jewellery industry and strived to satisfy it with revolutionary designs that would never be compromised in terms of quality or affordability. This dynamic endeavour led to the inception of Foro, which offers timeless, chic, minimalistic, and elegantly exquisite jewellery across India on its state-of-the-art e-commerce website.

“At Foro, we strive to help our customers look and feel their best with our exquisite yet accessible pieces. Our pieces are an expression of their creativity, individuality, and style while introducing them to superior quality and craftsmanship at an affordable price. We take great pride in providing them with jewellery that is both beautiful and timeless,” added Smita Revankar, co-founder of Foro.

The brand is proud of the fact that it offers an unprecedented trifecta of affordability, superior quality, and full price transparency [with price breakdowns]. In addition, buyers may select to compare prices and buy diamonds from the brand at a cost that is 50 percent lower than that of other merchants. Its affordable pricing makes it even more appealing, as it offers clients timeless, high quality, chic jewellery and trendy international design aesthetics influenced by worldwide trends at a fraction of the as compared to other retailers.

Foro has established a strategic partnership with some of the most trusted logistics providers to ensure safe, secure shipping and delivery to even the most remote locations. Leveraging the power of its omni-channel strategy, collaborations with premier labels, and presence across the breadth of India, the brand is well-positioned to continue its growth trajectory.

Moreover, Foro Design Studio and Production Facility’s masterful artisans flawlessly infuse opulence into every item created. Pioneering the use of 3D printing and Microscopic Diamond setting precision tools for exactness in India. Foro also made strides in introducing exceptional product display tools. To top it off, the addition of tech-based customization expedites the personalization process swiftly.

“We understand that it is pivotal for our esteemed customers to look and feel their best, no matter the occasion. Thus, we offer carefully crafted and exclusive designs that guarantee opulent flair and finesse, allowing them to showcase their unique personalities and stand out stylishly against the rest,” said Vincy Mathew, co-founder.

Foro is the latest destination for smart customers in search of opulent jewellery. Explore Foro’s unique range of minimalist, high-quality, and timeless jewellery on the brand’s website and throughout its social media channels.

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