From a farmer’s son to hotelier: Inspiring journey of Vinay Singh, MD of the Barrel & Company

From a farmer’s son to hotelier: Inspiring journey of Vinay Singh, MD of the Barrel & Company

January 4, 2023 Off By Rajesh Kumar

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], January 04: Becoming a successful entrepreneur in today’s world is a big challenge. Only those who have patience, tenacity, self-confidence, and a never-say-die attitude can win the challenge. No social constraint can stop you from achieving success in the corporate world if you have all these traits.  Meet Vinay Singh, the Managing Director of a fast-growing hotel in the Veera Desai Area, Mumbai., ‘The Barrel and Company.’ His journey from a farmer’s son to a successful hotelier is inspiring.

Vinay Singh’s patience, self-confidence, and perseverance have helped him make a significant mark in the hotel industry of Mumbai in just six years since The Barrel and Company were launched in 2017.  Although he started life as the son of a farmer from Uttar Pradesh, Mr. Vinay now has close relationships with many significant personalities, including the Founder and General Secretary of Dhadak Kamgar Union and prominent labour leader Abhijeet Rane.

Let us now read an exclusive interview conducted with Mr Vinay recently.

To start with, Mr. Vinay was asked how he began his journey in the hotel industry, to which he responded, “No one in my family has any experience related to the hotel business. We ran a legacy milk business that had a stable. The government then passed a resolution that required us to set up our stable in Pelhar area of Vasai. It was then that we entered the dairy business. I also started working in the real estate industry, where I ran my own business specializing in buying and selling land.”

When asked what motivated him to operate a hotel, Mr. Vinay said it all started with a friend who was facing a business problem.  This place belonged to a friend, and there was litigation in the land. As Mr. Vinay was in the land business, the friend told him: ‘You are a part of my family and close to me.’ The friend then handed Mr. Vinay the matter’s legal responsibility.

The rest of the interview is as follows:

Without experience in this field, how did you make it happen?

Talking about the experience, this was an opportunity for me, and I was only focused on how to turn it into gold. Everything is new in any field and I believe that failure and victory are a part of the business. We should keep working hard and get the fruit of our efforts eventually. When I entered the hotel business, I had Sandeep Shetty, who had done higher education in Hotel Management (MBA). I brought that boy (Sandeep) forward, got good people, and achieved success in the business

What was the role of your family?

As no one in our family is in the hotel and especially in the liquor business, the family members were worried. As I am originally from Uttar Pradesh, many people came to us only for the milk and dairy business.

Did you face any difficulties during this period?

If you talk about problems, you have to assume that no matter what business you take up, you will face challenges… I had no experience in the liquor business. Where exactly to start was the very first problem that I solved with the help of Sandeep Shetty. The business gained momentum as I got the direction slowly and steadily.

What would you say about your successful career?

My journey had many ups and downs. Being the son of a farmer, my parents were role models. As each situation is closely monitored, success does not increase pride, while failure does not cause discouragement. The only solution to every situation is to work hard like a farmer’s son.

What would you say is the secret of your hotel’s success?

There are no secrets in the hotel business. In this business, rather than the owner, his team plays the main role. As I believe that the workers run this entire business, you just have to trust them and see how they understand their business and work with passion. I strongly believe that the workers are the real strength of the business.

What are you innovating in such a competitive industry?

In the beginning, there was no competition in this business. But, later, pubs came up in large numbers in Mumbai. Pubs are becoming increasingly popular as a pastime, as our kids are becoming well-educated.

The sources of entertainment are not what they were previously. As more and more (familiar) people come to us, we don’t have much trouble taking care of them. We have also hired female bouncers to look after our women customers especially.

What plan do you implement for customer satisfaction?

Everyone is trying their best to expand the business. But, we don’t just think only about business, as we care about the safety of all the visitors to our facility. For this purpose, we don’t just allow groups of kids, as alcohol affects your character and personality. Moreover, we specifically give entry to customers we are familiar with.

Are you satisfied with this profession?

I have come in contact with many great personalities and made friends and acquaintances through this profession. I have formed family relations with some great personalities. This profession has given me a lot. I am very satisfied with this business.

Many people have contributed to my entire success, especially the Founder and General Secretary of Dhadak Kamgar Union, Abhijeet Rane.   He always stands by my side like a younger brother in my happiness and sadness and works to provide support. I feel blessed to have a friend like Mr. Abhijeet Rane.

Do you give time to your family?

My family is a real strength. I try to give time to them wholeheartedly whenever I get it. As my family knows the nature of my business, they never bother me with anything.

Are you associated with any social organization besides your business?

While we are living in society, I try to help any needy individual who comes to me with the belief that we must contribute to society. My brother operates a non-profit organization. We supplied a huge amount of food to the poor, even during the pandemic.

I am also closely associated with Dhadak Kamgar Union, through Mr. Abhijeet Rane and am very pleased with the work that they are doing to serve society as well as the poor and needy.

What message do you want to give to budding and aspiring entrepreneurs?

Create a lot of employment. Do something that will employ four people instead of earning alone. Treat people well, make their hearts happy, and don’t curse anyone. You will rise. Winning people is a bigger task than starting a company worth a few crores. It can be enough even if the goal is to support one’s family and help two others support theirs. @experiencebarrel

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