GenWorks Health Organizes “Hrudhaya Siri” In Collaboration with Srinivas Hospital, Mukka, Mangalore

GenWorks Health Organizes “Hrudhaya Siri” In Collaboration with Srinivas Hospital, Mukka, Mangalore

April 29, 2023 Off By Rajesh Kumar

GenWorks Health, and Srinivas Hospital tied up for an initiative called “Hrudhaya Siri” – A step to make healthcare accessible to rural areas. The initiative translates to “A Lead to Connect the Beat” and focuses on saving patients from cardiac problems by starting the treatment at the right time.  

Mangalore (Karnataka) [India], April 29: GenWorks is one of the leading healthcare solution provider in India dedicated to building awareness by leveraging the technology available and offering affordable solutions across geographies. Along with this, GenWorks also has a homegrown connected care platform to enable digital health. Using the power of digitization, the company is focused on improving specialist access to the last mile. The company strongly believes that it can create a strong impact by connecting all patients to specialists at the need of the hour and leaves no stone unturned to make that happen.

“Hrudhaya Siri” – An initiative in collaboration with Srinivas Hospital enables a holistic healthcare delivery solution enabled by digital connectivity by moving healthcare to the point of care. An event was organized on 21st April, Monday at the Srinivas Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre for launching the Tele-ECG which is the product that will be placed in the rural areas surrounding Srinivas Hositpal in Mukka. Over 100 Tele-ECG machines are going to be set up in rural areas and they are expected to start working at the beginning of May 2023. Senior executives from GenWorks and Srinivas Hospital were present at the event.

Established in 2011, Srinivas Hospital has been serving in and around the Mukka region for more than a decade. The hospital’s motto is to do the most for serving deserving people at the right time so that the lives of patients can be saved. Most patients of the hospital come from a rural background where they are devoid of quality healthcare services. Many times, the hospital receives people at a later stage when they cannot be saved. This considerably increases mortality and morbidity. The aim of the hospital has always been to offer the best quality healthcare to people so that they can come out with the best possible results. In this regard, the hospital started contemplating all possible things that could have been done to achieve the goal. Srinivas Hospital collaborated with GenWorks to make sure this happens.

GenWorks helped Srinivas Hospital by offering technological solutions that were aimed at cutting down the time period between the onset of symptoms and initiation of treatment thereby decreasing the time lag and providing the initial care to people in rural areas. GenWorks and Srinivas Hospital have come up with a program called “Hrudhaya Siri” and the tagline means “A Lead to connect the beat. This is a model that helps in providing ECG machines to rural communities. Once the ECG is taken at the peripheral centre by the doctor, the ECG comes directly to the central hub of Srinivas Hospital. The entire cardiac team at Srinivas Hospital goes through the reading and immediately gives a response to the doctor working at the community level. This is how the life of a patient is saved immediately because the doctors get real-time input at the right time which then initiates the needed action.

Rasikiran, National Product Leader for Cardiology at GenWorks says, “GenWorks has always worked with an aim to bridge the gap in healthcare by making healthcare services more accessible and affordable. The company realizes that all metro cities have healthcare facilities available but the moment we step out and move towards rural areas, it becomes difficult to find basic healthcare facilities. With Tele ECG services, we can reach all rural areas surrounding Srinivas Hospital and save lives timely. We will be placing over 100 ECG machines in villages and as soon as the ECG is taken in these villages, it’s checked by the cardiologist team at Srinivas Hospital. If the case requires immediate consultation then the patient is rushed to the hospital and saved at the onset of the problem.”

GenWorks is working tirelessly to bridge the gap between disease onset and treatment initiation using technology. This is being done in metro cities and rural areas as well. The company has started Tele-ECG but also has wide scope for doing the same for many other health problems such as Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer which GenWorks will start soon in the near future.

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