Jatinder Singh’s transformative journey with Being Exporter

Jatinder Singh’s transformative journey with Being Exporter

January 1, 2024 Off By Rajesh Kumar

Surat (Gujarat) [India], January 1: Jatinder Singh, a former agricultural consultant hailing from New Delhi, has experienced a remarkable turnaround in his professional trajectory since becoming an integral part of Being Exporter, a leading platform for export assistance founded by Bhagirath Goswami.

Despite his exposure to international markets, Mr Singh lacked the knowledge and confidence to venture into exports. His focus primarily rested on the domestic market, with limited business in the international arena. The challenges and risks associated with exporting from India were significant hurdles for him.

The turning point in Mr Singh’s life came when he learnt about Being Exporter and joined its orientation course. The programme instilled the confidence he needed to take the leap into the export business. Impressed by Bhagirath Goswami’s enthusiasm and knowledge, Mr Singh felt assured that he was in the right place.

Within just 20-25 days of joining Being Exporter, Mr Singh achieved a major breakthrough by securing an export order for rice, followed by a repeat order and another substantial order for 240 containers. The success in rice exports has inspired Mr Singh to form joint ventures in the footwear and pharmaceutical industries. He has already received an order for 7,000 pairs of footwear and is in advanced talks for pharma exports.

“The knowledge provided by Being Exporter was instrumental in dispelling the myth that exports are challenging. The step-by-step guidance, covering everything from banking procedures to payment processes, left no grey areas and made the entire export process seamless. More than that, the biggest change was that it removed my fears about exports and gave me the confidence I needed. I am truly thankful to Bhagirath Goswami for his exceptional mentorship and the Being Exporter community for its constant support and encouragement,” Mr Singh says.

Commending Mr Singh’s success, Bhagirath Goswami, Founder of Being Exporter, said, “His journey has touched many and his success is inspiring. What he has created is amazing. He started this journey from zero and is now dealing with hundreds of containers in multiple products. He has shown that once you understand exports, there is no limit to what you can achieve. His success reflects the incredible opportunities for those who embark on the export journey with the right guidance. It is our honour to have been a part of his journey.”

While exploring joint venture opportunities in different segments, the well-designed Being Exporter programme has also empowered Mr Singh to scale up. He is looking to hire teams for different businesses and expand.

Mr Singh’s message to young entrepreneurs is one of encouragement, urging them to recognise the vast potential of exports and the transformative impact it can have on lives. 

“The potential of exports from India is immense. Growing exports can change the lives of manufacturers by boosting their sales. In addition to the economic impact, this will also have a huge positive social impact on countless lives,” he adds.

Mr Singh’s story shows that with the right mentorship and community support, one can turn apprehensions into achievements and dreams into reality.