Stonefield flavours Launches Chocolatius, an Exquisite Collection of Premium Chocolate Flavours for F&B Innovators

Stonefield flavours Launches Chocolatius, an Exquisite Collection of Premium Chocolate Flavours for F&B Innovators

January 3, 2024 Off By Rajesh Kumar

Chocolatius enables F&B brands to create indulgent ice creams, exquisite milkshakes, decadent cookies and creams, delicious protein powders, and premium compound chocolates.

Bangalore (Karnataka) [India], January 3: In response to the escalating demand for premium chocolate experiences in food industry, stonefield flavours proudly introduces Chocolatius, an exquisite collection of premium chocolate flavours. Chocolatius marks a milestone in the history of the flavours and fragrances industry. It represents the culmination of extensive research of the organization, dedicated to crafting the most exquisite chocolate flavours using extracts derived from the most exceptional cocoa beans from Ivory Coast, Ghana, Peru and beyond. Check out the World of Chocolatius here- Chocolatius .

Chocolatius the Goddess of Chocolate- a mystical character of whimsy and wonder is a divine creation born from the imaginative minds of team stonefield. This enchanting deity is envisioned as a 5-years-old goddess, embodying the essence of childhood fantasy and delight. Within her treasure trove lies ten exquisite gems, each a unique and carefully curated flavour that is an expression of premium indulgence. 

Riding the Wave of Chocolate Flavour Growth in India

As the Indian chocolate flavour market reports an impressive 12% plus growth rate, significantly surpassing the global average of 4%, stonefield seizes the opportunity to redefine the landscape with Chocolatius. With discerning and highly demanding consumers in mind, this collection aims to cater to the diverse preferences that consumers associate with chocolate flavours.

Recent research reveals fascinating insights into the preferences of Indian consumers when it comes to chocolate flavours. A remarkable 23% prefer chocolate-flavoured products while traveling, emphasizing the on-the-go indulgence trend. Additionally, 18% associate chocolate flavours with happiness, 17% indulge for pure enjoyment, and another 17% seek chocolate flavours for a calming and relaxing experience.

With Chocolatius, F&B brands can craft the most indulgent ice creams, heavenly milkshakes, decadent cookies and creams, dessertly protein powders, finest compound chocolates and more by picking from the exquisite chocolate flavour range. The possibilities are as diverse as the flavours themselves. 

Chocolatius: A Unique Chocolate Experience for Every Mood, Craving, and Occasion

In response to the varied preferences of the Indian consumer, Chocolatius presents a collection of ten exquisite flavours, each meticulously handcrafted to cater to different moods and occasions. While Chocorite is a mildly dark chocolate flavour that offers a rich and velvety indulgence for feeling ‘energized’, Pralinea is a gem of caramelized nuttiness, that marries the smoothness of butterscotch flavour with the indulgence of rich chocolate, perfect for feeling ‘comforted’. Some other flavours in this collection are Velvetoire, Caramelix, Hazelnova, Amberella, Coffique, CocoQuartz, Fruitelle and Mintiara.

Speaking at the launch of the portfolio, Mr Sandeep Devgan, Chief Executive Officer of stonefield flavours said, “We are excited to introduce ‘Chocolatius’, a line that marks a significant milestone in our growth journey of inspiring change and delighting lives in the world of tastes. This collection is not just about elevating the chocolate experience; it’s about making premium flavours accessible and affordable. As we witness a robust growth in India’s chocolate flavour market, surpassing global trends, Chocolatius is our answer to a growing consumer desire for luxury that’s within reach. Our commitment extends beyond exquisite taste to ensuring that these premium experiences are available to a wider audience, supporting our vision of growth through inclusivity and affordability.”

Essence of Collaboration & Global Innovation

stonefield flavours collaborated with prestigious universities, cocoa experts, and cocoa farmers from around the globe to develop the Chocolatius Collections. This synergy of knowledge, passion, and skill ensures that every flavour profile is a harmonious blend of expertise, capturing the true essence of the cocoa bean.

All flavours in the Chocolatius Collections are made using extracts from one of the largest high-end cocoa extraction plants in India, launched by stonefield flavours. Chocolatius represents not just a commitment to quality chocolate flavours but also a promise to the planet, communities, and ethical practices. Through responsible cocoa sourcing, stonefield creates an indulgent experience that goes beyond taste—it embodies a sustainable and ethical journey from bean to bar. All extracts used in the creation of Chocolatius flavours are carefully handpicked and responsibly sourced from the most exceptional cocoa beans from different parts of the world.

Company Profile of stonefield flavours:

stonefield flavours is one of the fastest growing Indian Multinational Companies in the flavour industry. With its exclusive focus on flavours and tastes, stonefield brings together centuries of combined technical experience to become the taste partner for top FMCG companies of India and beyond. With creativity at the heart of everything, the organization follows an applications-driven model to create flavours that shape the future of taste. 

Built with the purpose of delighting lives through creative tastes (that of customers and the end consumers), stonefield’s winning difference is its exceptional customer experience. With technology and world-class infrastructure at its backbone, the company is distinctly positioned to offer creative and value-added taste solutions that help customers win in the marketplace.

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