IDT INTEARC Sustainable Design Exhibition @ I.F.A.C.E.’2020

IDT INTEARC Sustainable Design Exhibition @ I.F.A.C.E.’2020

January 10, 2020 Off By Rajesh Kumar

Surat, Gujarat : Aristotle Quote: “Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution.”

Keeping this in mind, Institute of Design & Technology (IDT), not only inspires its students to solicit ingenious designs, but also prepares them to effectively execute them.

One such exhibition was IDT’s annual Interior Design Showcase- INTEARC, organized at I.F.A.C.E’2020 (a wonderful amalgamation of diverse artisans and cultures) at DMD PARTY PLOT from 9th Jan-12th Jan.

Redesign is an emerging field of interior design that reuses things and materials to enhance sustainability in homes and work spaces.

INTEARC was conducted with the sole intention of providing the students a chance to explore the inventor in them through sustainable designs. Over 100 students (1st, 2nd & 3rd yr) in a group designed different pieces of furniture and aptly executed them using the recycled materials.

The 4-day exhibition was inaugurated by Architect – Urban Designer-Snehal P. Shah, which constituted 8 different furniture designs, viz., Interscape (Front Desk & Bar Table), Intishtha (Rocking Chair & Wall Clock), M-Benders   (Scorpion Chair & Cat House), Recfly (Convertible Furniture Bag), Idees (Swing Stroller & Playing Chair), Fusion (Chair Desk Unit), Inmagine (Boat Furniture & Lamp) & Distinctive ( Portable Kitchen Platform & Rolling DJ), followed by Award Ceremony by Former President of I.I.I.D.- Architect Bankim Dave.

The specialty about the designs was that they were created out of organic stuffs, like- paper and glass after days of hard work.

While giving the details to the spectators, the students revealed that front wheels and bar tables were made out of bullock wheels, metal, wooden blocks, rope (rope) and bicycles; while the rocking chair and the wall clock were made using old cycle tire rings, old chairs, metal and jute, and, scorpion chair and Cat Houses were made from the unusable water drums and cotton.

While the convertible furniture bag was made using waste wood and a flower pot; swing strollers and playing chairs were crafted from fins and cloths, and portable platforms & Rolling D.J from wood, metal, tires and old music systems.

The exhibition captivated magnificent crowd. Witnessing this, the Director of IDT- Mr. Anupam Goyal disclosed- “The quality of this year’s work shows that this obsession will continue on ardently, and I’d like to congratulate all of the students and esteemed Faculties of IDT for doing such a fabulous job & bestowing another year of exceptional design innovation.”