How passion for Organic Farming turns this leading Stock Brokers into  Organic

How passion for Organic Farming turns this leading Stock Brokers into Organic

December 22, 2020 Off By Rajesh Kumar

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India] : Pesticide infused agricultural products have been incorporating poison in human life slowly but steadily. The Father son duo are changing the perception of Indian Farming through their Organic Farming practices. The farm that is the foundation started as an extension to the farmhouse that Mr. Kedia came to town in 1992. Because he had space, he ventured into cultivation. Because he came to know about this thing called wheatgrass and its benefits, he ventured into the cultivation of wheatgrass, much before wheatgrass became what it is today. Kedia Organic agro Farms was formed  out of Mr Kedia’s  true love and passion for fresh, healthy and ‘tasty’ food. His social awareness and passion for health and the environment is what drives a unique business model that delivers you the highest quality produce. This father son duo stepped into the world of commerce in 2008 when Nitin Kedia, Mr. Kedia’s son came back from London after completing his studies. During his stay in London, Nitin was audience to not just the benefits of food grown organically, but also how people’s awareness of it benefitted both, the farmer and the consumer, when compared with the conventional way of doing this business.

It was to his sheer disappointment that India being one of the largest producers of milk in the world lacked accessibility to real and pure milk. The Milk is said to be the most adulterated food in India. Also India being an agrarian economy lacked accessibility to organic food. India being the 2nd largest agricultural economy in the world not even 20% of it is converted into organic farming. It is a matter to concern that the food we were consuming is filled with harmful toxins and preservatives. This certainly puts our country at risk. As consuming toxins has scientifically proven to cause cancer, diabetes, obesity & slow brain development in small kids, So it was the time to bring a revolution in the food industry.

The awareness related to organic food was in its nascent stage when Nitin returned to India. He started with commercializing their sale of produce, extending its reach beyond family and friends.They also own a gaushala that is a source of organic manure that is used to feed the soil in their organic farm. They produce organic manure that is prepared using cow dung, cow urine, and buttermilk. Sustainability is ensured with the help of this organic manure.

This duo has come a long way. From handling just 3-4 products, today, their team handles more than 300 SKUs. In keeping with their vision, they have partnered with farmers to procure some of these 300 products. They have made a platform and established a customer base, and it is not just us benefiting from it; we’ve extended it to be used by the farmers who produce but don’t have the bandwidth to market and sell their produce for what it is worth. From processing just about 2-5 orders in a day, today, they process close to 150 orders in a day. From having a customer base that mostly included family and friends, today, we’ve extended their reach to PAN India, for non-perishable produce, and across the local train network for perishable produce.

Where buying from a supermarket is concerned, they give you the benefit of traceability—we know exactly how the stuff delivered to you is cultivated, whether they grow it on their farm or procure it from another organic certified farm. Before the food is packed and delivered, it goes through several checks to ensure its quality. You will never get something rotten or damaged when you order food from Kedia Organics. Quality is what the team seeks. Also, if any product is not able to meet your level of expectation, you can simply ask for its replacement. No pesticides are used to increase the fresh life of naturally grown food. It stays fresh naturally. The cultivation of every product is monitored closely to ensure that you get only the best. You get fresh products from the farm in its truest form. This is something that we all would like how the cultivation is closely monitored. For more details: