The Young Minds Of Anand Vidya Vihar Extend Their Care For Their Surroundings Beyond The Classroom.

The Young Minds Of Anand Vidya Vihar Extend Their Care For Their Surroundings Beyond The Classroom.

December 30, 2020 Off By Rajesh Kumar

Baroda, Gujarat : Beyond their classroom environment, the blooming minds of Anand Vidya Vihar have been actively participating in initiatives focusing on shaping and developing the environment in and around Vadodara. The students took part and won a series of competitions in an event which was organised by a local environment centred NGO. Their model on organic farming which they presented as part of the model gardening competition, granted them the first prize. In yet another contest organised during the same event, the Anand Vidya Vihar budding environmentalists, were also awarded the first prize for their self-composed action song focusing on the significance of water.

These events were organised as a part of the annual social centred initiatives organised by SOCLEEN, a Non Governmental Organisation focusing on creating a clean and sustainable environment. The students of Anand Vidya Vihar have been engaged in such initiatives on regular occasions, all throughout their academic tenure at the school. Taking part in such activities has not only given the students a chance to showcase their innovative ideas and creativity, but it has also granted them the awareness regarding important social issues and challenges. The competitions organised in this event were a colourful blend of both creative arts and science, providing the perfect resemblance of the colourful skill sets and talents of the young minds of Anand Vidya Vihar.

The model which was presented by the students on organic farms, focused on the sustainability of natural resources and their conservation to ensure that farmers and gardeners get to have maximum output while at the same time being eco-friendly.  The action group song which the students wrote was as a result of their own ingenuity and creativity. The song was self-composed, self-choreographed and self-written, to project the need to conserve water and its role in saving lives. In recognition of their excellence expressed through their participation and victories in such contests each year, the students of Anand Vidya Vihar were also awarded the rolling trophy for standing first.

In addition, two of the schools’ 9th Grade students also got the opportunity to attend a seminar conducted by the same organisation. The AVV students were granted the opportunity to present their report before eminent personalities including town planners, water managers, water scientists amongst others, and they were declared the second prize winners. “Anand Vidya Vihar, believes in the conservation and preservation of the environment and working with concerted efforts in promoting sustainable healthy environment”, said the school Principal Mrs. Poornima Menon.